AISSER - lead partner

AISSER's mission is to reduce the economic and social disparities between Romania and the other EU member states by initiating actions for: developing the basic infrastructure to European standards, increasing the long-term competitiveness of the Romanian economy, developing a use more efficient human capital in Romania, an efficient administrative capacity to consolidate and promote balanced territorial development.

The AISSER perspective reflects a balanced and dynamic society focused on sustainable development and the promotion of equal opportunities. The activity is guided by strong values such as responsibility, action and involvement, respect and dignity, support for society, cooperation and partnership.

AISSER Calarasi has the following objectives:

1. Promoting volunteering, stimulating youth associativity;

2. Promoting, supporting and rewarding young talents;

3. Promoting knowledge of national culture and traditions;

4. Information and education on national and international values, environmental protection and encouraging sport and tourism for young people;

5. Development and diversification of youth services and programs, youth training in the spirit of the values and principles of the European Union.

Address: Bd-ul Republicii 50B, Calarasi, Romania
Telephone: +40 371 015145
Fax: +40 242 316141