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Join the newest community of volunteers in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area - Young Volunteer!

You are the change you look for in the world!

Join the newest volunteer community in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area – Young Volunteer!

You are the change you want in the world!

The project „Young Volunteer” aims to develop a form of social learning through volunteer activities meant to bring added value for the benefit of communities in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area.

With will and enthusiasm, any person can make a contribution to the world.

Volunteering is a way to make new friends, to help correct social problems and to develop as an individual.

The project „Young Volunteer” is a puzzle and every young person in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area is a piece of the puzzle ... With the active involvement of young people, we will be able to build the complete puzzle that will include common solutions to stimulate active citizenship through volunteering.

Involvement of young high school students aged between 15 and 19 in the cross-border area in volunteer activities, will lead to the development of a series of social skills and competences such as: solidarity, tolerance, trust, civic spirit and social responsibility.

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