About the project

The project „Young Volunteer” aims to develop a form of social learning through volunteer activities meant to bring added value for the benefit of communities in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area.

Involvement of young high school students aged between 15 and 19 in the cross-border area in volunteer activities, will lead to the development of a series of social skills and competences such as: solidarity, tolerance, trust, civic spirit and social responsibility.

The civic spirit and the confidence that any man can bring a change in his community, especially if working with other people concerned about the same issues, is learned by engaging in volunteer activities.

By involving in these types of activities, young high school students representing the target group of the project will be part of different social groups, which are not necessarily intersected, becoming a point of interconnection in a multitude of interconnected networks, what they can influence and which, in their turn, will be able to influence them. Within these networks, they will have the opportunity to develop relationships based on mutual trust and become part of a collective action - volunteering - that will bring about common benefits.

Project promoters

  • Project Leader: AISSER Calarasi Association

The AISSER Association was set up in 2011 with a very clear objective: to develop as many and varied innovative and useful projects for the local, regional and not only in areas such as: education, tourism, environmental protection, volunteering, youth etc..

The association's goal is to engage in projects capable of generating added value and contributing significantly to economic, social, educational, cultural, and ecological and tourism development in local and regional communities, especially in the Lower Danube area, and to support all forms of economic, social, multicultural, sporting cooperation between the two neighbouring countries - Romania and Bulgaria.

At the same time, through the projects that it implements, it aims to develop, in an organized environment, river, ecological, sports, recreational tourism in all its forms, to the highest level, and to promote alternative forms of education and culture - for a healthy lifestyle among young people.

Through its projects, the AISSER Calarasi Association wishes to contribute to the improvement of living conditions and to develop partnerships for the improvement of the educational system and support of young people from the cross-border region Romania - Bulgaria and to transform the Danube into a bridge, rather than a barrier to the development of relations between the two countries. 

  • Foundation „Sustainable development and prosperity” Vratsa, Bulgaria – Project Partner

Foundation „Sustainable development and prosperity” has activities in various fields, being involved in various activities to support the protection of human health and the environment, the development of ecotourism, cultural and rural tourism, as an irrevocable part of the European integration process, the protection of historical and cultural heritage, the encouragement of European territorial cooperation, cross-border and international collaboration, the development of economic and social prosperity, the support and development of education.

The Foundation has gained experience in the integrated development of tourism products, including promotion strategies to access different market segments: from traditional to alternative tourism, such as ecotourism, rural tourism, natural and cultural tourism. The highly qualified team of the Foundation has experience and knowledge in developing different projects and reducing unemployment at national and transnational levels.

In addition, the foundation has supported the development of a vast network of volunteers in the field of nature protection and environmental protection, which is an important human capital to implement the "Young Volunteer" project.

  • „Mihai Eminescu” Theoretical High School Calarasi - Project Partner

The main object of activity of the "Mihai Eminescu" Theoretical High School is represented by the educational services that it offers to 940 students from Calarasi, but also from the entire county of Calarasi. Institutional management is provided by the Board of Teachers, the Management Board, plus the Board of Directors. The school institution provides students with the theoretical knowledge and general knowledge needed to continue their studies in higher education, for their integration into society and for their professional development.

The interest of the theoretical high school in European cooperation through projects implementation lies in the field of education in Romania and aims at improving the premises for a qualitative education. The institution also seeks to maintain and develop an interactive learning environment supported by collaboration and partnerships developed through investment projects. "Mihai Eminescu" Theoretical High School, Calarasi, particularly supports activities and partnerships aimed at counselling young people on topics such as Romanian and European values, educational and vocational guidance, and prevention of delinquency, school dropout or the effects of drugs on the life of young people.

  • „Vasil Levski” High School Glavinitsa, Bulgaria – Project partner

„Vasil Levski” High School is a traditional school institution in Bulgaria with more than 100 years of experience in the field of education. It enrols 490 students, who are closely guided by 40 highly qualified teachers in their teaching areas.

With two successfully implemented projects, the school staff proves their high qualification and willingness to invest in green solutions and sustainable development. In addition, "Vasil Levski" High School supports the development of information and communication technology - ICT in the field of education. Innovative technologies implemented in school activity have led to positive results in terms of the assimilation of pupils' knowledge, due to the didactic practical side, which aims to fix the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom.

Project time

  • 18 months - September 2018 - March 2020

Funds allocated to the project

„YoungVolunteer” Project is funded under the INTERREG V-A Romania - Bulgaria Program, under Priority Axis 3 „A safe region” The total eligible value of the project is 348.921,03 EUR, from which 296.582,85 EUR represents the European Union's non-reimbursable funding through the European Regional Development Fund.

Main purpose of the project

Main purpose of the project is creation of a voluntary community formed mainly of young people who are willing to help other people affected by emergency situations in partnership with local public authorities.

Project implementation area

Cross-border region Romania - Bulgaria:

  • Seven Romanian counties: Mehedinti, Dolj, Olt, Teleorman, Giurgiu, Calarasi, Constanta;
  • Eight Bulgarian districts: Vidin, Vratsa, Montana, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, Silistra, Dobrich.

Who can participate in the project

Target group of the project is represented by high school students studying within the educational institutions in the eligible program area (minimum 17,538 young people).

The web platform for volunteers can be accessed by anyone who is interested in joining this social initiative in Romania or Bulgaria (but not only). At the same time, those who wish to participate can participate in various events that will be initiated either by the beneficiaries or by the members of the Young Volunteer community developed by the project.

Main results of the project

  • 2 new cabinets in the beneficiary high schools ("Mihai Eminescu" Theoretical High School in Calarasi and "Vasil Levski" High School in Glavinitsa), equipped with specific equipment to learn and practice emergency response measures.
  • 2 training sessions exclusively for teachers
  • 1 web platform for the community of young volunteers
  • 2 joint partnerships with public authorities in emergency situations on early warning and rapid joint response
  • a partnership with the Romanian authorities
  • a partnership with the Bulgarian authorities
  • 4 pilot voluntary campaigns organized in the eligible area of the program (Calarasi and Silistra)
  • 2 voluntary campaigns in Romania (4 days each)
  • 2 voluntary campaigns in Bulgaria (4 days each)